Six Obstacles to Networking and the ways to Overcome Them


Networking is comparable to a number of things within our lives – exercise, eating fiber and fewer fat, quitting cigarettes, being economical, writing goals – that people believe are not just well suited for us, but they are the techniques of success. Everybody knows because we have from time to time done them enough to feel and discover results, but we did not ensure that is stays. Or we percieve our buddies these things and enjoying great health. Or we percieve good news articles regarding the studies that prove these products are advantageous. We have even begin to see the books using the experts and celebrities who show these actions and habits as the real reason for their wealth, health, and happiness.

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Everybody knows all of this, therefore we know that networking is a vital business development activity along with an important existence skill, and then we will require action? Since there are obstacles in relation to our success, some apparent plus a handful of so subtle that folks don’t know they’re there. Within the six major OBSTACLES to networking, just about all are produced within our own minds. Therefore, it is simple (but possibly difficult) to alter our thinking and to bring them of.

The six primary explanations why we do not network are:

  • Misconceptions
  • Dislike
  • Getting no Purpose
  • Unsure How
  • Not much time
  • Shyness


Are you currently presently presently possessing false beliefs about networking which are mostly negative? You still find it simply schmoozing, or that it is all about selling, or it is just for outgoing people? Maybe you have have a look once when you did not get results, or did not feel comfortable, you made the decision it wasn’t to meet your requirements?

The inspiration of individuals fallacies is basically that you accept it does not work or it will not meet your requirements. This error in believing that’s super easy to disprove. Simply consider the various business individuals who’re effective due to the relationships they built through networking. Read books by Dale Carnegie, Harvey Mackay, Andrea Nierenberg, and Keith Ferazzi to obtain convinced within the value along with the concepts of networking.


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Are you able to dislike networking because you don’t appear like selling or becoming presented to? Are you able to cure it due to others additionally for their poor networking skills? Perhaps you have had negative encounters that caused you to definitely certainly certainly have misconceptions about networking?

In case you avoid networking since you dislike the strategies by which others do something, you have to significantly shift your opinions from annoyance and dislike of people people, to empathy to find out an chance to enable them to change undesirable habits. Similar to daily existence outdoors of networking, we have to simply cope with individuals number of that do not charge good skills and searching out to get the best people to engage. For individuals who’ve had negative encounters with networking, you’ve to take a look at organizations a lot more completely. We do not eat raw food throughout our existence because we burned our hands across the stove once. Remaining from networking due to others is cutting our noses away and off and away to spite our faces.

Getting No Purpose

Are you able to see networking just as one endless volume of pointless cocktail parties filled with vapid conversations? Could be the contact database not growing or even shrinking as people move away? Are you able to only network when you’re ready to change jobs or when clients are slow?

If you don’t possess a strategy along with a extended-term outlook, you’ll network according to short-term need, for example losing employment. This really is very unsatisfying because desperation is unattractive. Experienced networkers will avoid your “allow me to now and I’ll forget you later” approach. Harvey Mackay calls it “digging your well before you are thirsty.” You can use for networking should be to produce a vibrant, growing, and responsive choice of relationships you can rely on, and that can depend for you personally. The introduction of mutually advantageous relationships might make every conversation important and purposeful, there won’t be any longer pointless chitchat. Rather, you will observe when you make contact or speak with someone since the second vital but small contribution for that networking structure we’re building

Unsure How

Many times you feel okay with meeting people, but question how to handle it next? Or else you are building your contacts, don’t see is due to it. Are you currently presently presently unsure which kind of conversation is suitable if you are not vulnerable to sell?


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