How To Start Your Very Own Window Installation And Repair Business


When it comes to home improvement projects within the US, window replacement is one of the most popular. Homeowners usually recoup nearly 90% of the cost of the home, on reselling it. In order to ensure that their home is up to par, homeowners need to maintain everything in their homes. This includes the windows.

Starting your very own window installation and repair business is a lot easier than you think. There aren’t that many barriers when it comes to entry. The funds you’ll need to purchase tools for work aren’t that much either, especially when compared to other trades in the construction industry.

You should also know how to convince customers to hire you for your services. Consider talking to your customers about getting windows that are energy efficient. This help reduce cooling and heating costs and can also help the customer qualify for tax credits. With the help of new windows, security can be improved as well. You can also offer soundproofed windows to clients, or install windows that provide them with better views.

How To Ensure Your Window Installation And Repair Business Will Be Successful

  If you want your window installation and repair business is successful, ensure the following:

Provide Quality Installations

Choosing the right window is just one part of what your customers are looking for. You should also be capable of installing windows properly. You should ensure that the customer is satisfied before you consider the project completed. When you properly install the windows, they often last longer than the warranty period.

Building Good Business Reputation

For you to get regular customers for your business, you need customers to be able to trust you. One way you can build trust among prospective customers is by creating a business website. Create a blog on your website, where you disseminate useful information about your field to potential clients. Write articles about the benefits of using different types of windows, or how windows can be maintained.

Share your content on your business social media accounts to increase engagement. Consider investing in door & window installation insurance as well. This is as running a window installation and repair business leaves you exposed to certain career risks. Your business could be sued by an unhappy customer, as an example. When you have door & window installation insurance, you can better protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about door & window installation insurance, then click here.

Starting Your Window Installation And Repair Business


This is how you can go about starting your new business:

1. Startup Costs

Your initial startup costs for a window installation and repair business is relatively low. You’ll need to look into getting yourself licensed as well before you can run your business. A lot of the inventory that you order will be delivered to the job site. This means you don’t need to store your inventory in a warehouse.

2. Doing Market Research

Do your research on the market, the industry, your competition, as well as who your target market is. This research should be analyzed even before you register your business. Find out what the average contractor fees in your service area are, so you can price your services competitively.

You’ll need to write down what your costs are as well. How much do you need to pay for labor charges, for transporting products, and more. Pore through your state requirements to see whether you need specific licenses, such as a business license or a home improvement license.

3. Registering Your Business

The next step is to select a name for your business, and then register it with your state. Choose a business name that is distinctive, and related to what your business is about. Ensure that there’s a web domain available using your business name as well. Select a legal entity for your business as well, such as a sole proprietorship or partnership.

4. Building Relationships With Suppliers

Look for window suppliers in your area that are reputable. They should provide a wide variety of windows, as well as replacement windows. These windows could be made of vinyl, double-pane glass, fiberglass, and more. You should also be able to obtain samples from suppliers to show to your customers. Negotiate your payment terms with the suppliers before you decide on a price.

5. Marketing Your Business

To get clients for your business, you’ll need to market your business. This includes getting marketing collateral made, such as door hangers, yard signs, brochures, business cards, and more. You should also market your business online, through your business social media accounts. Try to use your business’s social media to generate traffic for your website.


Starting a window installation and repair business is easier than you think. To increase the chances of business success, there are several things that you can do. These include advertising and marketing your business, offering quality installation services, and more. Use this guide to learn all about starting your very own window installation and repair business.

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