Streamlining Business Communication through Marketing Automation


This is a tactic that can be adopted by companies to optimize manual processes, achieving greater process efficiency. Therefore, any company can and should adopt commercial automation as this feature brings great benefits. Through this, the company can reduce labor costs and increase its ability to improve, manage and control internal processes.

What Is The Real Importance Of Marketing Automation?

In addition to improving internal processes, which has already been mentioned, commercial automation also helps reduce human errors in simple tasks, such as calculation failures. This gives the company the guarantee that the data is correct and the employee increases his productivity. Another sector affected by commercial automation is sales. After all, with more accessible data, sellers can better serve customers, passing on correct information.

For the manager such as Cultivate Advisors for example, the advantages include adequate control of some activities, such as employees’ working hours. In addition, the federal government works with commercial automation software, such as the Electronic Invoice (NF-e). Therefore, there is a need for retailers to pay attention to these issues and also to adopt a commercial automation system in their day-to-day activities.

Key Benefits Of Business Automation

You have already seen that the commercial automation tool can bring advantages to internal processes, control activities, and specific tasks of the entrepreneur, even for a small business owner. However, other benefits can be cited for the retailer. See below.

  1. Cost And Waste Reduction

The commercial automation system has the function of controlling and managing internal processes and inspecting possible errors. Above all, cost reduction is a direct impact of using this strategy because the volume of rework is reduced. That is, time and labor are better used.

  1. Improved Logistics

A challenge for the retailer is to control the stock well, avoiding having too many items in stock but, at the same time, meeting the customers’ demands. In this way, with the commercial automation system, the logistics process works better because it controls the entry and exit of goods, having a real scenario of what is in stock.

  1. Save Time With Commercial Automation

There are bureaucratic tasks that, despite being necessary, should not take a lot of time from employees because they do not add value to the customer. Soon, these tasks can be transferred to a commercial automation system to manage the activities.

An example is the calculation of taxes. This task is important for the company, but it does not bring a direct return to the customer. However, commercial automation software with marketing automation consulting brings more security when calculating the taxes and data that must be provided to the Treasury. This way, the company can better organize its tax planning.

  1. Control over sales

The commercial automation system allows real-time monitoring of the sales profit, in addition to presenting the sellers’ performance and the products’ entries and exits. Thus, the business owner can make more assertive decisions.

  1. Customer relationship management

To increase sales and win customers, every business needs to pay attention to the consumer, conquering and retaining it. This task is easier with commercial automation because the software will present customer data and allow you to manage the sending of automatic messages, reward customers with a greater history of consumption and take other actions to build customer loyalty.

  1. Control over billing

The control of internal processes implies, by default, knowledge of the inflows and outflows of financial resources. In other words, commercial automation gives you more control over billing. If the balance is negative, the retailer can check where the fault is. The manager can also decide which measures to adopt based on these data. For example, if the problem is seen in the products sold, the idea is to increase the mix offered or even replace some items with others that meet customers’ needs.

  1. Sales boost

Without sales, there is no success. However, to have a positive result in sales, the first step is to know the target audience, their desires, and desires. Having this data, it’s time to serve the customer and see what could be causing your business’s sales loss. Having found the reason for the drop in sales, the retailer can devise techniques to improve this indicator.

  1. Commercial automation promotes service agility

Today, customers want to be served in a personalized and fast way. The company can access customer data and know their wishes using the commercial automation system, offering items that meet their needs agilely.


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