Smart Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen Space


The kitchen is perhaps one of the most used rooms in the house and plays the role of the heart of the house. It is a place for preparing and eating foods, making moments, and sharing jokes and funny stories. However, disorganized or inefficient kitchen space is likely to bring the fun of cooking and congregating to a very early grave. Thankfully, there are several great strategies to successfully optimize your kitchen space and make it more convenient and visually appealing.

In this article, discover some handy makeover advice and design tips to guide you on the journey of creating the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Maximize Storage Solutions

Proper storage is where it begins when organizing one’s kitchen. It is advisable to install cabinets that almost touch the ceiling so that the full height can be fully utilized. The deep drawers with dividers are especially useful for storing items such as pots, pans, and large utensils. 

A more practical and decorative type of shelf that can be used for open shelves are the galvanized steel shelves, mainly for daily utensils, dishes, and even books with recipes.

2. Steel Appliances

Zinc coated material used as galvanized steel is known for its strength and resistance to deterioration, such as rusting. It was earlier used for certain industrial applications but is now commonly seen in newer style kitchens because of its industrial look. 

Galvanized Kitchenware shelves are cheap, and this type of shelf can give your kitchen a touch of modern style. However, it is important to make the point that food stored on the shelves should not be put directly on the galvanized steel panels because the material reacts with acids.

3. Enhance Lighting

This is the reason why layering of lights is important to ensure adequate and efficient lighting. Task lighting should be placed underneath the cabinets to illuminate counters, while pendant lights should be placed over the sink or the island area. 

Furthermore, out-of-the-way ceiling lights or even sconces will be incorporated to ensure that they create a warm atmosphere.

4. Prioritize Sustainability

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, do look for environmentally friendly products and processes. Always prefer the ones that are made from recycled wood or bamboo. Energy stars buy and use appliances that are energy efficient and have water efficient faucets. 

You can also add natural features, such as having some plants inside your house or even growing herbs in your windowsill, to give it a more eco-friendly feel.

5. Shop to Support a Cause

Home makeovers are not as difficult as they seem, especially when you want to redesign your kitchen. Today, you can discover creative and cheap things in thrift stores or consignment stores. A Shop to provide cancer support second-hand clothing is not only helpful for your wallet but also for the environment, and you may find unique mementos for your kitchen. 

Similarly, give to causes that ‘shop’ to help those affected by cancer. These organizations include shops that sell donated used furniture and other household items at throw away prices, all in support of a given cause.


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